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How to create a layout template ?

To create your layout template, simply visit our website My-Wall and direct you to the menu, then click on «Composition». Click on «New layout template» and let yourself be guided through the eight steps.

Can I show multiple messages at the same time?

It is currently not possible to display multiple messages simultaneously.

What’s Interactive Wall?

Interactive Wall is a simple and fully customizable solution to engage your audience. Thanks to a computer connected to your Interactive Wall account and a single screen (projection or flat screen), you can view the messages of your guests. Whether it’s text messages (SMS or Twitter), pictures (Instagram) or videos (Vine).

Why Interactive Wall ?

Interactive Wall is the cheapest solution on the market and allows you to create your fully customizable event. Our package gives you great freedom of creation and will bring an original and interactive side to your event. From the free account, premium to the made-to-measure package, our team will support you and you will increase your visibility the D-Day but also in the long term with more opportunity to participate and interact during your event.

What are the prices available?

There are 2 types of formula for the premium account.
Subscription for a period of one month (no automatic renewal) at prices from 499€.
Subscription for a period of one year (no automatic renewal) at a price of 1999€ or €167€ / month
The made-to-measure package offers a customized turnkey service at the cost of 1000€ per event.

What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay either by credit card or through your Paypal account.

What are the receiving modes?

You can receive your messages through social network Twitter if you have opted for a free account, but also via SMS through a personal number assigned and via Instagram and Vine networks if you have a premium account or a made-to-measure account.

Can we receive MMS?

You can unfortunately not receive MMS messages, but you can receive and share photos through the free app Instagram.

Can we receive photos and videos?

You can receive and share photos through social network Twitter, and Instagram if you opt for a premium account or a made-to-measure account.

What is a free account for?

With the free account, you can create your Tweetwall for free. You can choose between different template of standard composition, or create your own. Then moderate and post on your screen the tweets selected.

What is a premium account for?

A premium account allows you to access all the features of Interactive Wall.
The participation of your audience will be multiplied by 10 with the possibility of receiving SMS (97% of the French population own a cellphone when 10% of the French population has a Twitter account).
You can also receive photos, and videos through social networks Instagram and Vine. You can receive assistance directly by phone and access to your guest book where you can find all the messages received during your event, as well as statistics on the participation of the audience.

What is a made-to-measure account for?

If you want a turnkey service, opt for the made-to-measure account. Our graphic designer team will create you a customized composition depending on the graphic charter of your event. A technician will assist you in setting up your display and will moderate posts during your event.

Why don’t I have an assigned phone number yet?

Assigning a phone number is only available for premium and made-to-measure accounts. It takes 24 hours to activate your line by our suppliers.

How do I cancel my account?

Subscription renewal is not automatic. The only debits will be those shown at the time to enter your credit card.
You can keep your account and access your files, even at the end of your subscription. However, it is possible to permanently delete your account, for that you just need to go into your account accessible from the menu. Then you go to the bottom of the page.

Are messages moderated?

Our solution obviously allows moderating the messages received before distribution. All messages received can be found on our application so you can choose which messages you want to post or not. You can select the messages one by one to see if the message content is appropriate with your event. We offer 3 types of automatic filter to help you in moderation. It will allow you to filter messages by duplication, by keyword or by phone number.
However, you may decide not to moderate messages and display the messages automatically.

Can we not moderate messages?

You can obviously decide not to moderate messages and view them automatically.

Can I moderate messages from a touchpad or à smartphone?

Our solution allows remote moderation of your messages. You can then moderate messages from a second computer from a touchpad or a smartphone. You simply login to your account from the new device and to access to the moderation page accessed from the menu.

Can I change composition during the event?

You can provide different layout templates ahead of your event. And decide to change during your evening. For this you only need to access the settings from moderation window. You can then change the composition without disturbing the display.

Can I moderate the messages remotely?

You can choose to moderate messages remotely from a second computer, touchpad or smartphone as soon as you have Internet access. You have the ability to moderate yourself remote messages, or to entrust this task if you choose the made-to-mesure package.

Are the messages saved?

All received messages are saved. If you have a premium account or made-to-measure, you can find them at the end of your event When accessing your guest book. You also have access to statistics on the participation of your audience.

Can we find his layout templates created?