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Instagram Wall: Interactive Photo Animation

interactive picwall

Instagram Wall: Interactive Photo Animation

Easily organise event management, a street marketing campaign or a photo contest with Instagram wall projection.

With very active and young users, the network has everything it takes to succeed. Instagramwall, picwall, Instawall and others will thrive on walls.

Instagram Social Wall: Instructions

Easily create a photo wall with our Interactive-Wall solution. Simply create a customised composition (your wall). Then, choose then your reception mode (SMS, Twitter, Instagram) and customise your composition in a few minutes. Adapt it to your event, the theme of your party (marriage, New Year's Eve) or add your partners’ and sponsors’ colours (logos, graphics, etc.). You can also choose the display type for Instagram photos: position, whether or not to show the Sender (avatar) and comments.

Just connect your computer to a screen (video projector or TV screen) and let the contributors take part from their smartphones.

Real-time Hosting with Instagram Wall

A live Instagram makes it possible to develop your public image among your target in a fun and original way. It offers a fun way to engage the public and create interaction between customers.

Let your guests capture the best moments of the event and post their shots with numerous Instagram filters.

To receive your public's posts, simply choose a hashtag (#concoursselfie, for example) and indicate it in the instructions of your animation. All posts on the social network Instagram that include this hashtag are then collected on your moderation platform, and you can select those which you wish to see displayed live.

The videos displayed repeat until you launch a new message.

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