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Corporate Interactive Wall

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Corporate Interactive Wall

For a company reception, a seminar, a trade show or a general meeting, the implementation of an interactive wall will enable you to modernise and rejuvenate your event.

No technical training for set-up or event management. Your wall will be ready within 5 minutes.

Company receptions 2.0

Most sought after for company receptions, Interactive Wall lets you update the traditional reception and bring interactivity to your event. This participative animation has created significant interest and makes it possible to bring teams together, enabling exchange of private anecdotes with humour. Participation is moderated on our platform and guarantees a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

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Animation for participative seminars

Incorporating an interactive wall to your congress engages your participants’ and gives more impact to the event while having it run smoother. Using it on a smartphone gives your audience the opportunity to express itself, and allows a greater interaction with the speaker for questions or comments. Interactive Wall rejuvenates and modernises the sequence of your congress.

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Interactive convention

Interactive Wall offers easy to set up hosting for conventions. It makes it possible to encourage exchanges on a set of themes and to facilitate contact between various members. 

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Connected exhibition

The implementation of a social a wall during an exhibition actively engages the public. Creating a unique hashtag for your event will develop its presence on social networks and strike a chord outside the exhibition. Messages can be streamed on several screens and in several rooms, indoors or outdoors.


Participative General Meeting

Holding a general meeting is the perfect opportunity to introduce a company project and results, as well as to meet with employees. Employees too seldom take the floor. Via SMS, tweet or Instagram, participation has never been so easy.

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