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SMS WALL hosting solution

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SMS WALL hosting solution

With an open rate of 93%, SMSs are increasingly used in marketing campaigns (SMS surveys, texting campaigns). It is also the simplest tool to encourage participation of the audience. 

A SMS wall ensures your presentation is a success, with participation 3 times greater than a tweetwall.

SMSwall, textwall, sms wall : definitions

An SMSwall offers event management (SMS wall for concerts, marriages, company receptions, conferences), which lets your guests to send and to post SMS messages on a dedicated screen.

It is an interactive wall which enables displaying SMS messages during your events.

Create an SMS wall : Instructions

Installing an SMS wall requires no special technical skills.

After creating an account on interactive-wall.com, customise your SMS wall in a few minutes. Connect your computer to a screen (video projector, TV). The instructions are then displayed, and guests participate via text messaging on their mobile phones. Simply moderate SMSs before their live display.

Long dedicated number

If you select a Premium account, our team will assign you a personal 06 number within 24 hours. It is a long, private, free number, more stimulating than a special, short premium-rate number.
We have agreements with the leading telephone operators and can assign a number over 90 countries.

Professional SMS Platform

Although your number resembles a private number, it is not hosted on a telephone, but on a much more robust professional platform, guaranteeing stability for your device and making it possible to receive more than 100 texts/minute.

We work every day to ensure that special characters as well as emoticons are taken into account, however, some may be displayed incorrectly. Please let us know.

MMS Reception

API telephone operators unfortunately do not currently enable accessing MMS information. MMSs are thus not accepted and will not appear on your reception platform. Photos and videos can be displayed only from social networks Instagram and Tweeter.

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