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Turnkey interactive wall hosting

Turnkey tweet wall

Turnkey interactive wall hosting

Interactive-Wall.com is designed to give you all the keys to create your own interactive wall and to moderate your messages. This is why our prices are so low.

However, if time or staff are lacking, you can choose the turnkey solution and delegate the creation, set-up and moderation of your social wall to our specialized team.

Custom hosting

Choose a custom package for on-line telephone access to our team of professionals throughout the set-up of your event management.

The services are tailored to your needs, and pricing depends on your options. Rest assured that prices are calculated to offer custom service at the best price.

Graphic designers for the creation of your interactive wall

Delegate the creation of an original composition, customised according to your event (company reception, contest, marriage reception, professional exhibition) to our team of graphic designers. Share your vision, your event, your charter if applicable, and of your place of projection. Our Graphic Designers will propose ideas for graphics tailored to your requirements.


When using on of our technicians, they will ensure the moderation of your messages during your event.
Our support team, who will take care of the moderation remotely. We connect to your account and moderate text messages, photos and videos during your event according your requirements.
We adapt to every duration of event, from 1 hour to 10 days, to ensure a true live during your projections.

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