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Company Reception 2.0

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Company Reception 2.0

Social walls and interactive projections have taken off, animating company receptions. They offer certainty of success for an event and leave a lasting impression on participants, at an affordable cost.

Follow our tips for the organisation of a fun, lively and participative company reception.

Animation ideas for an interactive reception

Everyone dreams of seeing their messages posted to a large audience!
A social wall allows your teams to exchange messages (text, photo and video) with a free, dedicated number and social networks Twitter and Instagram. These messages are streamed live on one or more screens during of your event. 

Interactive walls guarantee enthusiasm and substantial participation for a company reception, team building, an after-work party or a professional reception. This animation modernizes and rejuvenates your event while creating a friendlier atmosphere.

Exchanging messages breaks the ice and brings teams (colleagues, management) closer during cocktail receptions or on the dance floor, for more festive moments. No risk of overflow as messages received instantaneously are all moderated before streaming.

Personalised hosting for company receptions

Create your account for free and start creating your interactive wall on our platform. Personalise your composition and tailor it to your wishes or the charter of your event. The background (logo, photo), typographics and colour codes can be modified in less than 3 minutes by you or our Graphic Designers.

Your animation is unique and custom made and can be fun (photowall, games) or more serious according to the orientation that you wish to give it.

Participative event : instructions

Interactive Wall stands out from existing, costly solutions which are complicated to implement.
No more need for Technicians, at a tenth of the cost. Our Premium solution is €89

Create a Premium account and we automatically assign you an SMS number. This number enables reception of up to 100 messages per minute. Additionally, receive messages on social networks with a personalised hashtag for your event. Simply choose a word: #5yearsWeCIP, for example, to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the company WeCIP. Next, create your composition as desired.

During your event, connect a computer to a video projector or a screen (plasma, LED, LCD).
The instructions are displayed on the screen and your customers send messages (texts, selfies, videos), received instantaneously on your moderation platform, then choose those you wish to display.

You can to also delegate the animation implementation to us by choosing the custom package.

Looking for a free test ?

Create your account and immediately post your social wall, it's free !

Personalize it as much as you want or ask for our tailor-made tutoring.

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