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Composition Customisation

Personalize interactive wall

Composition Customisation

Interactive-Wall.com is designed to be a social wall platform as simple to set up as a Facebook wall. It can be completely customised in less than 5 minutes.

Simply go to your account composition page to find your creations, templates, or to create a new wall.

A customizable, interactive animation : new composition

The creation of a wall is done in 8 steps :

1/ Reception mode : this enables you to select how the participants will be able to send their messages.

If you have a free account: only Twitter is authorised. You should then choose a hashtag. The public will be able to send a message by integrating this hashtag in their posts. You may already have a hashing (brand, shop), or you may wish to create one. Keep it short and check that it is not already in use.

If you have a paid account: choose between SMS, Twitter and Instagram. How is the choice made, and must all three be selected?
Selecting all 3 reception modes offers your public more freedom, you can thus reach more people. A person who does not have a Twitter account might have an Instagram account. The risk may be lengthening the instructions, and at times making it unaesthetic.

Something to consider: Twitter and Instagram messages are public, if you wish for your event to remain private (general meeting, company reception), select only SMS. The telephone number is automatically attributed to you the day your Premium account begins.

2/ Ratio : This is your composition ratio. It must correspond to your screen ratio (video projector, screen TV), otherwise your background image will be slightly distorted when posting in full screen.
If you do not know your screen ratio, choose 16/9. You can always force your screen display in 16/9, even if it is 4/3 from your equipment's remote control. 

3/ Background : choose a solid base by selecting a colour, or select an image from your computer.

4/ Instruction : the instruction is generated automatically according to the selected reception modes. But you can modify it: move it, enlarge it and change the font. The modification of the instruction is a compromise between good legibility and the design of your wall.

5/ Text : customise the display of a text message received (Tweet or SMS). Move the display zone, change the colour of the text or the font. Choose whether or not to show the sender (only for tweets)

6/ Image : customise the display of images and videos received (Twitter or Instagram). Choose whether or not to show the Sender and the text accompanying the photo or video.

7/ Preview : your wall is finalised. All that's left to do is preview the display of a message received and then media (image or video).

8/ Validation : save your composition and find it in your compositions to modify it or launch your live.

Composition templates

Whether you are in a hurry or in search of inspiration, our templates are made for you. These are templates of walls created by our Graphic Designers. This section is growing every month.

To use a template, you must modify it according to the reception modes with your hashtag, then save it in your compositions.

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