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What equipment is needed to create an interactive wall ?

09 Sep 2015

No need to worry, Interactive Wall is designed to maximise simplification for the implementation of an interactive wall.
No technical skill is necessary, and you will need only the bare minimum. 

equipment interactive wall

1. Computer PC/Mac/Linux for display

Interactive Wall is a Cloud solution that works on any Mac/PC or Linux computer. It does not need to be your own, all you need is your account and a computer that is connected to the Internet. You will then be able to connect to interactive-wall.com and find all your compositions.
The computer is also used as a moderation platform, on which you moderate messages and access various settings.
If you cannot stay in front of the computer or prefer to remain mobile, you can moderate messages from another computer or tablet connected to the Internet.


2. Display screen

Naturally, you will need a screen so that your interactive projection is visible. It can be any type of LCD, LED, plasma screen, but you can also choose to video project your wall. You will need a video projector (barco, christies or other) and a screen or a sufficiently clear wall.

You can have as many display screens as you wish, you will just need several computers and to connect them to the various screens. The screens will display the same messages simultaneously. You should of course connect the computer and screen with the appropriate cable: HDMI, VGA, Thunderbolt according to your configuration. Even for a simple, classic connection, we recommend testing the connection before your event.


3. Internet network

Twitter, Instagram and even SMS messages pass via Internet. It is thus necessary for your computer to be connected. The necessary speed varies according to participation and participation type (text, photo or video). However, the photos and videos on social networks are very light and thus the bandwidth necessary is very low with regard to current standards. A wired RJ45-type connection is thus not necessary and a classic wifi connection is largely sufficient. A 4G stick of speed greater than 4 Mbps can also suffice.

It should be noted that for the public to participate by SMS on their smartphones, telephone network coverage is needed. This can be problematic in certain rooms below ground level.