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Idea for a participative convention

Interactive convention

Idea for a participative convention

7 out of 10 employees feel that they are not listened enough at work.

Why not propose an original and participative animation for your next convention ?

Introduce an interactive wall to employees and bring your event into the digital age.

Interactive convention: give the speech to the public

Interactive Wall is an interactive wall that allows to receive the messages of the public and to broadcast them live. Messages (text, photos and videos) are sent by SMS or posted on social networks (Twitter and Instagram) with the hashtag of your convention (#maconvention). These messages appear instantly on the receiving platform and your moderator chooses which ones to broadcast.

This animation is a modern tool to animate a professional 2.0 convention and mobilize your audience. The audience takes the floor, intervenes, comments, exchanges or asks a question during the speech of the director or the leaders.
An SMS wall for business conventions keeps private participation, unlike social networks.

Interactive Wall = Tweetwall + InstagramWall + SmsWall

Interactive Wall allows you to receive very simply sms, tweets and Instagram photos. No technical or material knowledge is needed to make a text message wall during a convention.

Create an account and personalize your wall (graphics, images, colors, typo). Like a wall facebook, this one, can be dressed in the colors of your evening (meeting, congress, general assembly or convention).
Connect your computer to a TV or video projector to start receiving and broadcasting the received messages.

Following the customization of your wall, transform your wall into a photowall or interactive guest book.

Animation convention: 3 offers for your socialwall

Free offer: tweetwall free and unlimited. No possibility of keeping private participation.

Premium offer: private phone number. Receive sms and photos Instagram and find at the end of your event all the messages received in your guestbook.

Customized offer: call on our team of professionals to design your interactive projection (graphic designer), set up and moderate your wall (technician).

Looking for a free test ?

Create your account and immediately post your social wall, it's free !

Personalize it as much as you want or ask for our tailor-made tutoring.

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