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Animation idea for general assembly

animation general meeting

Animation idea for general assembly

All companies place digital technology at the heart of their development strategy, but few really use it on a daily basis.

Interactive Wall allows you to introduce interactivity and digital at your next general 2.0 assembly.

Organization of your general meeting: opt for Interactive Wall

A general meeting is the best time for company executives to present the financial results and their business plan. It is also a moment of exchange with the employees or the shareholders and the opportunity to talk with them. The exercise is sometimes complicated, as speaking in this context is hard to assume. Interactive wall is a modern tool that allows live and easy participation from its smartphone.

With the moderation platform, you choose which message is displayed and when. This participative animation makes it easier to promote the speech of the assembly and to transform your spectators into actors of the event.

Personalize your wall in less than 5 minutes

Open a free account and create your membership. Our platform guides you through 8 steps to easily create your composition. This one can adapt to the visual identity of your event or that of your company (color code, typo, graphics).

Easy to set up

Want to set up an interactive wall for a general meeting of shareholders? Nothing could be easier: Interactive Wall has been designed in a way so that you dont need any technical prerequisites.

Connect your computer to a video projector or television to start broadcasting your audience's messages.
Clear instructions indicate the phone number to send messages to. You can also choose to receive messages on social networks Twitter and Instagram through a hashtag dedicated to your event.

You can of course delegate to us all the installation of the interactive device, in this case our graphic designers take care of the creation of your custom-made wall and the technicians are in charge of installing our solution and moderating the messages.

TweetWall 100% free

You can test our free twitter wall unlimitedly and start creating your compositions. Opt for a premium account if you want to receive SMS text messages or Instagram photos.

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Personalize it as much as you want or ask for our tailor-made tutoring.

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