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Animation idea for bar and pub


Animation idea for bar and pub

Looking for an original animation idea for your bar?

Whether for a special evening or year-round for the happy hour of Friday night.

Set up a sms wall to participate and give the freedom of speech to your customers!

Interactive Wall for a bar

InteractiveWall is a twitter wall, a sms wall and an instagram wall joined together. Receive text messages, photos and videos from your customers and display them live on your screens. This entertaining, interactive and digital animation work perfectly in the context of a festive event (student evening, Saturday evening).

It animates your bar and increase your customer's loyalty. From the counter or dance floor, customers participate with their smartphones. They send you a simple sms or post on social networks (tweet, Instagram) with the hashtag of your choice (ex: #Eightiesparty). You can thus develop your presence on social networks (followers, like, etc.).

How to organize an animation in a bar ?

No hardware or special technical skills are required.
Personalize your wall in 5 minutes: graphics, colors, typo. Adopt the colors of your bar, the theme of your party, your team, or your partners (brand of beer, etc.).
Connect your computer with internet (wifi or wired connection) to a screen (video projector, tv) and start to receive and broadcast live the messages from customers. You can, of course, let the bartender or dj filter the messages.

Custom bar animation

According to your Interactive Wall personalization it allows free expression, an original blind test, an interactive quiz, a jukebox or a contest.

Win prizes and gifts to attendees: coffee, shooters, glass of alcohol.

Free animation

Try our free Tweetwall solution for an unlimited amount of time.

Looking for a free test ?

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Personalize it as much as you want or ask for our tailor-made tutoring.

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