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An original hosting idea for an interactive wedding : Interactive Wall

original hosting wedding

An original hosting idea for an interactive wedding : Interactive Wall

You are looking for a unique and original wedding animation, which will leave your guests with unforgettable memories, and all that within you budget.

An interactive projection is probably the best animation idea for a dream wedding.

An original wedding thanks to your social wall

The principle is simple: your guests send text, photo and video messages, which will be posted live after moderation. It is the opportunity to share the emotion of youthful memories, party anecdotes, selfies, or photos of the grooms.

This interactive wedding animation transforms your party into an even more pleasant and participative wedding. It has the advantage of avoiding PowerPoint sessions and amateur video presentations. An interactive wall is an integral part of your wedding, from the wine of honour to late in the night, cocktails, the meal and the first dance steps.

Custom wedding game

For an original event and enchanting wedding animation. Create and  personalise your wall on our platform in less than 5 minutes and test it before the big day.

Graphics, colours, typographics, personalise your projection according to your wedding announcement, or your wedding theme. Find an idea that stands out to create an unforgettable wedding.

Your graphics orient the participation of your guests : funny or more romantic. Prioritise text messages, photos (photowall), videos or all 3. Thanks to your Instagram wall filters, your wedding photo animation will be a success.

A surprise for a participative marriage

This wedding game is very simple to set up for your wedding party. Create your account, personalise your wall, and connect to a computer connected to Internet to find your composition. Connect the computer to the video projector of the wedding hall or a TV screen (functions indoors and outdoors, day or night). The instructions are displayed on the screen and your guests are ready to participate: they send a message by SMS or by posting on social networks Twitter, Instagram with newly weds' hashtag (ex. #dreamwedding). The messages are received instantaneously on your moderation platform.

Choose automatic acceptance or designate a Moderator (friend, DJ) to validate the messages for live projection (moderation is also possible on another computer or tablet).

The wedding game is very simple and is open to all ages and guests: family, witnesses, children.

Collect all the photos for the big day

You can also imagine a photo booth decor, with shots projected live.

This photo wall is ideal for sharing photos after the wedding. Find all messages received and download the most beautiful photos after your event thanks to the online guestbook.

Competitively priced wedding animation package

For low budgets, our free account, enables you to set up a free tweetwall.

If you choose a Premium account, you can receive more SMS,  Instagrams & Facebook posts, and take advantage of tips and tricks with our technical support.

Looking for a free test ?

Create your account and immediately post your social wall, it's free !

Personalize it as much as you want or ask for our tailor-made tutoring.

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