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Interactive wall for receptions places

Interactive meeting

Interactive wall for receptions places

The time is digital and the organizers of events (incentive, study days, team building) are always looking for innovative tools and animations to engage their employees.

Treat your reception with an interactive service that will make a difference.

Presentation of the interactive wall

Interactive Wall makes it easy for organizers to talk with their employees.

  • The organizer creates his custom wall in 5 minutes. Then he connects his computer to the video projector. The wall and its instructions are displayed.
  • Participants send their messages, text and photos that arrive immediately on the organizer's reception platform. These messages can be sent via SMS or on social networks Twitter and Instagram.
  • The organizer selects the messages to be displayed on the screen.
  • After the event, the organizer finds the statistics of the participation as well as all the messages received to exploit them.

Ideal for giving an interactive dimension to corporate eventsParticipative conferenceDigital evening, Innovation convention.

Add a new service to your reception location

There are now many websites to compare hundreds of reception locations in 1 click.
Competition intensifies with differentiating elements: place, capacity and of course price.

But the services and facilities associated with renting a room can also be decisive.
Yet the offer is often limited: water bottle, internet, video projector, paper-board.

An interactive and participative solution is an advantage, increasingly taken into account and sought after by seminar organizers.

2 formulas adapted to the place of reception

How can this solution be implemented? What are the existing formulas?

  • On demand account: you offer our solution packaged with your other services or as an option, with each rental. If it is retained, you charge the recommended public price of 100€ HT and add our special discount to your margin.
  • Premium account: you subscribe to our premium year-round package with a very significant discount. You can then decide how much you will charge for the service if you don’t include it as part of your offer package.
    One hour training by phone to take charge of our tool is provided and included in both formulas.



The sales price of our solution is a public information.
Similar competitive offers are sold between € 1000 and € 1500.
This price is explained by our cloud solution which no longer requires the intervention of technicians as well as the large volumes generated by our attractive price.

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